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Around Battambang

Angkor Wat

No Cambodia gap travel experience would be complete without a visit to the magnificent temple complex of Angkor Wat. Built in the early 12th century as King Suryavarman II’s state temple and capital city, Angkor Wat lies just to the north of Siem Reap and is the iconic epicentre of Cambodian culture. Best glimpsed at sunrise or sunset, the stunning Khmer architecture is guaranteed to take your breath away. A trip to the spectacular Angkor Wat is included in the Cambodian leg of our Asian Experience gap year programme.

Bamboo Train

This is a Cambodia gap year experience that is not to be missed! The bamboo train is one of the world’s all time classic rail journeys, that takes you from O Dambong to O Sra Lav, via a truly rustic half hour of clicking and clacking across dilapidated jungle railroad. But what makes this journey unique is the trains, which are made almost entirely from bamboo! When you meet a train coming in the other direction the bamboo train is simply disassembled to let the other one past! While real trains obviously have priority, when two bamboo trains meet the one with the fewest passengers is forced to disassemble. This really needs to be seen to be believed so it comes highly recommend for gap year volunteers and travellers!

Tuol Sleng Museum

A visit to Tuol Sleng Museum is a sobering experience for anyone on a gap year in Cambodia. The site was originally a high school but became used as the notorious Security Prison 21 during the horrific excesses of the Khmer Rouge regime. Tuol Sleng was the site for the torture and execution of tens of thousands of Cambodians and has been preserved to commemorate those that died there and elsewhere during the Khmer genocide. A trip to Tuol Sleng is by no means enjoyable, but it is important in understanding the background of modern day Cambodia.

Mekong River Cruise 

The mighty Mekong River dominates Cambodia’s geography and a gap year cruise along any length of it offers a relaxing alternative to Cambodia’s cramped local bus routes. As well as being home to some of the region’s last remaining freshwater dolphins, the Mekong River winds its way through untouched jungle scenery and traditional village communities, making a cruise along it a great way to experience the real Cambodia.

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