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Elliot Sharod
About Me
My name is Elliot George Sharod. I am 18 years old and live in Pretoria, South Africa. I am an easy-going, chilled out person with a positive attitude towards life.My hobbies include golf, music and relaxing with my friends.I love to travel!!!
Elliot Sharod's Blogs

Phnom Penh

Posted By Elliot Sharod on 10 Sep 2012
My Friday started off like any other morning in Cambodia. Wake up at 7, have breakfast, hop on a moped, teach some English. I finish at 10h30 on Fridays, which is quite nice, but on this Friday I returned home and started packing. Don’t worry, my time in Cambodia hasn’t come to and end. I was off to Phnom Penh for the weekend. We took a ‘took took’ (excuse the spelling), which is a 4 seater carriage pulled behind a man on a motorbike, to the bus station in Battambang and got on board our bus.

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Siem Reap & the Angkor Wat Temple

Posted By Elliot Sharod on 10 Sep 2012
Another week of work went by really well, I’m slowly getting the hang of this whole “teaching” business. Language barrier is still a bit on a struggle, but I’ve already noticed an improvement in some of the children’s English. Every Friday I finish work at 10h30, so the rest of the day is for me to do what ever I please and start the weekend with plenty of energy. This weekend I decided I would go to Siem Reap – I flew into there from Bangkok, but never actually went into the city.S

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What I've been up to recently

Posted By Elliot Sharod on 10 Sep 2012
I’d like to start this blog posting with a bit of an apology. I haven’t done a posting in a few weeks, and word on the inter-web is that my fans having been requesting a new one. So the fans have spoken, and here it is. It’s been a pretty crazy few weeks, really exciting and really tiring. As it stands there are 19 volunteers in the house at the moment. 14 of the 19 are a university group called DUCK, which stands for Durham University Charities Kommittee (the bad spelling of “Committee” is because it doesn’t make a cool acronym without the “K”).

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Duck, duck, duck, duck, erm... food?

Posted By Elliot Sharod on 01 Aug 2012
Food was always going to be an interesting part of my trip to Cambodia, and today proved that. Before I left, I watched a youtube video of when Gordon Ramsey visited this amazing country. (Link below) One of the foods he eats is a duck egg which has been left to develop for 20 days and then boiled before eating. I thought it was a good challenge to accept. Today I lived up to this challenge.&

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