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Freddie Kanisius Pocock
About Me
I'm 18 and on my gap year before heading to uni. I needed a break from education and wanted to travel in Asia for several months. I'm excited to have chosen some great teaching/conservation projects.
Freddie Kanisius Pocock's Blogs

Back from Nepal

Posted By Freddie Kanisius Pocock on 08 May 2015
After the recent earthquake in Nepal, I’ve flown back to the UK to be with my family and friends. The Ghorka earthquake was a very terrifying experience. One that I hope you never have to experience, although it has given me a different perspective so I wish to help out as much as possible. I want to help out with the FutureSense Foundation and fundraise for the partnership schools they have out there. Donating money towards charities such as the FutureSense Foundation will go a long way in supporting people who are still struggling.

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Ghorapani Poon hill trek

Posted By Freddie Kanisius Pocock on 23 Apr 2015
Ranked in the top 10 treks in Nepal, I knew I was in stall for a treat. I’ve really enjoyed hiking in Wales and recently India, although this expedition probably tops it all. An amazing journey packed with fantastic views every day, vibrant villages and a constantly changing landscape. The only negative was that I had to eventually leave the Annapurna’s. At least I can say that Ghorapani is now my second home! It all started with an epic taxi ride up the hill side.

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Crocbank's rainforest research centre

Posted By Freddie Kanisius Pocock on 26 Mar 2015
A rainforest in India! Who knew?! My geography teacher always told our class that if we had a re-union in twenty years’ time and none of us had been to a rainforest, then we would get a kicking. I always imagined that I’d end up travelling to the dense jungles of Congo or the never-ending Amazon rainforest but it turns out there was one right on our doorstep. Crocbank helped us with our journey to the Western Ghats, which included 7 hours on a train and 8 hours on a brilliant night-bus (we literally had a double bed, as in a flat one).

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Snakes, turtles and more snakes

Posted By Freddie Kanisius Pocock on 10 Feb 2015
 Before this weekend I’d been working for a couple of weeks as there’s been a lot going on. In fact, the BBC were here to do some filming for their website. They were a funny group and I enjoyed their company.    On Friday, one of the volunteers invited me out to the snake park in Chennai. I heard positive things about this place so I tagged along. After breakfast, we caught a couple of buses and walked a few hundred metres to reach the park.

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“We’re going on a snake hunt!”

Posted By Freddie Kanisius Pocock on 26 Jan 2015
 I can’t say I’ve ever been on a bear hunt but I imagine that book would have a rather more dramatic ending to it in real life. It should probably be added to the ‘Bunny Suicide’ collection or labelled with ‘Don’t try this at home, kids!’ Well, on Wednesday morning I joined the zoologists from the Czech Republic on an adventure to search for snakes ... venomous snakes.  Most reptiles are nocturnal and we wanted to find active snakes in the wild with our cameras and torches.

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Croc Bank blog #1

Posted By Freddie Kanisius Pocock on 13 Jan 2015
Firstly, I’d like to say that I’m really enjoying my time here on campus. The accommodation is nice, there’s a beach and the curries are pretty damn good. I’ve been looking forward to this project and it’s definitely lived up to expectations! Weekends involve working but I got some time off on one day so I’ll tell you about how this weekend went. I spent Saturday morning by helping out with the clearing up activities where I get to go inside the crocodile enclosures (pens) and check for litter or any unusual activity.

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10 weeks of Happiness

Posted By Freddie Kanisius Pocock on 02 Dec 2014
I departed from England 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days ago to travel Asia. Since then I’ve met a lot of people, made lots of memories and now have my own stories to share with people back home. I’ve completed 14 weeks of volunteer work on my gap year so far, with 10 weeks of teaching English in Cambodia. My days are made up of half an hour life skill sessions from nine-thirty and English for an hour in the mornings. I teach English to a class before and after lunch (this is optional though – it depends how early you like your mornings).

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There and back again…

Posted By Freddie Kanisius Pocock on 17 Nov 2014
It’s been a busy week so I’ve got plenty to catch up on! I’ll start by saying that I was invited on the volunteer trip to Phnom Penh on the 5th November for the water festival. Volunteering in Battambang at this time of year is great because the rainy season starts to die down and there are lots of festivals. The water festival in Cambodia is when there are national boat races to celebrate the river changing course. We went down on the Wednesday morning and endured a 7 hour bus journey.

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Posted By Freddie Kanisius Pocock on 25 Oct 2014
    On Friday afternoon, Theo, Donen and I headed down to Siem reap. Before we embarked on our three hour bus ride, Donen had managed to leave his ticket back at the volunteer house. He rushed back in the tuk tuk and got back just in time. When we arrived at the siem reap bus station we asked for the cheapest accommodation and that’s pretty what we got. Our tuk tuk driver, known as ‘Ladykiller’, drove us to our decent looking hotel and we ended up paying $8 each for two nights.

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Get Active!

Posted By Freddie Kanisius Pocock on 13 Oct 2014
I’ve been living in Cambodia for almost three weeks now even though it doesn’t feel that long. Time flies by when you’re having fun as there has been so much going on during the end of September and beginning of October. The first week of my time here was more of a culture experience as the schools were closed for the week long holiday. This holiday was for people from Battambang to go back to their home villages and celebrate (party).

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