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Isabel Howe
About Me
Greetings! I'm Izzie and i am writing this blog to keep anyone that is interested or simply procasinating updated on my Nepal adventure to Kathmandu. I am 21 years old and just finished an incredible 3 years at Leeds Uni. I booked my trip whilst i was slaving away on the dreaded dissertation as a motivational boost to save my from the death trap that is the Edward Boyle Library. Before i know it i'm here! 3 days away of jetting off to half way across the word on my todd to have my own little adventure. I't would be lying to say i wasn't crapping my pants.. with nerves but also excitement.. hey ho lets go!
Isabel Howe's Blogs

Izzie's Nepal Adventure

Posted By Isabel Howe on 11 Sep 2012
I am about to embark on a 4 week journey to the otherside of the world, to the beautiful landscape of Nepal. Here i am to spend 2 weeks in the buzzing capital of Kathmandu which, i have been told, is full of wierd qwerks and surprises.  In Kathmandu i am looking forward to spend two weeks volunteer teaching in a local school teaching english and sport. Following this i am very looking forward to carrying on my journey on a two week hike to Everest base camp.

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