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Why teach abroad?

Inspire Young Minds

Imagine making an impact on someone’s future. Giving them the tools and skills to lift themselves from abject poverty to a life where they can not only afford to feed their family but live a higher quality of life.
As a volunteer in some of the world’s most underfunded countries, you’ll run design, plan and workshops with children and their cultures to make a tangible difference in their future. Kids from underprivileged countries like Cambodia and Nepal hunger for education but their schools are often overcrowded and short on teachers.
Our ethical education programs are long-term and designed to create lasting change in the communities we work with. You’ll be a part of that, helping make an impact in the area, with a specific focus on improving education quality.
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GapGuru team member handing out papers to children with everyone with covid safe masks

Where you can inspire change






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Why volunteer abroad

Why GapGuru?

Extensive Gap Year Experience

Over the past 18 years, we’ve guided more than 6,000 students through unforgettable gap year experiences.

Ethical Gap Year Programs

All our programs work towards the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals and are backed up by our charity, the FutureSense Foundation.

A community of support

You’ll be guided by our GapGuru Advisors and Mentors before, during and after your gap year experience.
A large group of gap year students and local Cambodian children sat on the steps of a large statue of Buddha at the Ek Phnom Pagoda waving their arms and smiling - GapGuru


Don’t just take it from us…

This was an amazing experience

This was an amazing experience, loved every second even through the challenges. Working on improving the environment and volunteering at the park where so rewarding but also the workshops carried out as a team where great to experience.



Travelled in 2022

I loved experiencing new cultures

This was such an amazing experience that changed how I look at the world and taught me more about what it means to be a global citizen. It also made me realise how much I want to travel in the future.



Travelled in 2022

A wholesome, fulfilling experience

I’d highly recommend this experience to any students. Not only does it look great on a CV but it was tremendous fun to do as well. Overall, a really fantastic experience.



Travelled in 2022

learnt so much and had an amazing time.

Absolutely amazing. Any issues I had in organising the trip, eg flights or vaccines, they told me exactly where to go for the best info. I was completely prepared for my trip, what I would be doing, and the expectations. I learnt so much and had an amazing time.


M. Gray

Travelled in 2022

What to expect on your volunteer teaching program

The people you’ll be helping

All of the communities we work with are made up of incredible people with individual stories. But they all face a variety of challenges.

Many come from low-income families living hand to mouth, with not much at all. Others face discrimination as a result of religious beliefs or political powers. Almost all have limited access to education, health services, and valuable life lessons that could increase their family’s income and livelihood.

Our education programs are long-term and designed to create lasting change in the communities we work with. You’ll be a part of that, helping make an impact in the area, with a specific focus on improving education quality.

The children you’ll work with share a thirst for knowledge and a passion for learning. Watching them pick up the skills you share with them is a truly rewarding and often emotional experience.

The FutureSense Foundation

Be a part of something bigger

When gapping with us, you’ll be supporting our partner charity, the FutureSense Foundation.

Through our programs and initiatives, the FutureSense Foundation works towards achieving a ‘Fairer World’, a world in which each person has the opportunity to meet their aspirations for a better future.

During your gap year, you’ll see first-hand the work that the FutureSense Foundation does and be a part of our long-term, sustainable programs.

Our teach-abroad programs

Where do you want to make your impact?

At GapGuru we’ve crafted our ethical teaching programs to be in line with the UN’s fourth goal of their Sustainable Development manifesto – to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”.
As a volunteer in any of our teaching programs across the globe, you’ll help achieve that goal.
Faces of Buddha carved into a Cambodian temple ruin - GapGuru


Start your journey


Taj Mahal India - GapGuru


Start your journey



Start your journey


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Start your journey



Start your journey


How it works

The GapGuru Way

At GapGuru we have the experience to keep things simple for you. With close to two decades shaping over 6,000 trips, we know exactly what makes an impactful, meaningful and memorable gap year. Simply choose your start date then follow these three simple steps:


Choose where you'll make your impact

Pick from five incredible destinations, electing the number of weeks you want to spend in each. You’ll be playing your part to help create a brighter future for some of the most disadvantaged communities around the world.


Decide how you'll make a difference

Select from four activity types that have been designed to be as impactful as possible. All of our programs are built off the back of the FutureSense Foundation, ensuring you’ll be a part of creating lasting change for our communities.


Choose your add-ons

Select additional programs to add to your gap year experience. These can be in the same country as your core activity or in any of our other unique destinations across the globe.

What to know more about our educational Gap Years?

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If you have any questions at all about what to do, where to go, or how to plan your gap year, get in touch with our GapGurus today. With nearly two decades in the business, we’ve probably had the question before!
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