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Volunteering in Nepal

Leave your handprint at the roof of the world

Any time spent in Nepal is life-altering. From the majestic Himalayan peaks to the friendly, warm and welcoming Nepalese people, a gap year in Nepal is an experience like no other.
Though the country has a connection with Hinduism that runs deep throughout the communities, its history has been marred with conflict. Today, Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and many Nepalese people live in disadvantaged communities. They face many challenges, such as a struggling education system, poor health and sanitation, and limited awareness of their impact on the environment.
But you can help to inspire change.
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Volunteer in Nepal

On a GapGuru experience in Nepal, you’ll play a part in making a real, long-term impact on the lives of the community. You could be helping to ignite a passion for learning at the local schools, leading woman’s health workshops or sharing your love for art or sports with the children of the community.
Through a range of carefully-crafted programs built in partnership with our charity, the FutureSense Foundation, we’re in Nepal for the long haul. Join us in creating lasting change that will improve the lives of a community in need of help.
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Why Gap Year in Nepal?

Women in traditional Thai dress - GapGuru
Angkor Wat temple - GapGuru

Why GapGuru?

Extensive Gap Year Experience

Over the past 18 years, we’ve guided more than 6,000 students through unforgettable gap year experiences.

Ethical Gap Year Programs

All our programs work towards the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals and are backed up by our charity, the FutureSense Foundation.

A community of support

You’ll be guided by our GapGuru Advisors and Mentors before, during and after your gap year experience.

Don’t just take it from us…

Why visit Nepal

This was an amazing experience

This was an amazing experience, loved every second even through the challenges. Working on improving the environment and volunteering at the park where so rewarding but also the workshops carried out as a team where great to experience.



Travelled in 2022

I loved experiencing new cultures

This was such an amazing experience that changed how I look at the world and taught me more about what it means to be a global citizen. It also made me realise how much I want to travel in the future.



Travelled in 2022

A wholesome, fulfilling experience

I’d highly recommend this experience to any students. Not only does it look great on a CV but it was tremendous fun to do as well. Overall, a really fantastic experience.



Travelled in 2022

learnt so much and had an amazing time.

Absolutely amazing. Any issues I had in organising the trip, eg flights or vaccines, they told me exactly where to go for the best info. I was completely prepared for my trip, what I would be doing, and the expectations. I learnt so much and had an amazing time.


M. Gray

Travelled in 2022

Your Gap Year in Nepal

All you need to know

Nepal Highlights

The Himalayas
Nepal is home to the incredible Himalayas, the largest mountain range in the world! In fact, after Antarctica and the Arctic, the Himalayan ranges are home to the third-largest deposit of snow and ice on this planet! Nepal’s highest mountain is Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, towering a whopping 8,848.86m above sea level! In the Nepali language, the mountain is called Sagarmatha which means ‘Forehead of the Sky’ and by the local Sherpas, the mountain is referred to as Chomolungma which means ‘Goddess Mother of the World’.
Kathmandu Valley

When on a GapGuru experience in Nepal, you’ll be based in the Kavre district on the outskirts of Kathmandu City. Kathmandu is set in a valley surrounded by the Himalayas and is famous for its many temples. There are many sight-seeing opportunities in Kathmandu, with most tourist attractions originating from as early as the 14th Century- some are even 2,000 years old! 

You’ll have the opportunity to get out into the foothills of the mountains for breath-taking panoramic views of no less than five peaks of the incredible Himalayan mountain range.

Our hub is based near the centre of town, just a stone’s throw from local shops and cafes. 


There are an incredible 123 languages spoken across Nepal, but Nepali is the first language, covering around 44.64% of the population.

The language originates in the Sinja valley of Jumla dating back to the 11th Century. Historically speaking, the language was only spoken by the Khas people of Karnali Region, which gets its name ‘Khas Speech’. Today over 17 million people speak the language across the globe.

Here are a few phrases of Napali to get you started, but we encourage you to try and learn a few more from our team and the community while in Dhulikhel.

Nepalese Pronunciation
Good morning
How are you?
Aaramai Hunuhunchha?
Thank you
My name is…
Mero naam … ho

Things to do in Nepal

Your Nepal Bucket List

Hiking in Nepal

No gap year program to Nepal is complete without a trek in the majestic mountains.

Most local treks follow well-trodden foot trails that have been in use for hundreds of years, so don’t worry if you’re not an experienced hiker. Trek any of these to discover hidden villages and hamlets, where you can stop and sample the local chai.

Some popular longer treks with gap year travellers include the Annapurna Circuit and Everest base camp. If you’re interested in taking these on, let our GapGuru advisors know and they’ll help you build it into your itinerary.

High in the mountains of Nepal with traditional flags strung from rock to rock - GapGuru
Two team members posing on their hike in Nepal - GapGuru

Hiking Nepal

The FutureSense Foundation

Be a part of something bigger

When gapping with us, you’ll be supporting our partner charity, the FutureSense Foundation.
Through our programmes and initiatives, the FutureSense Foundation works towards achieving a ‘Fairer World’, a world in which each person has the opportunity to meet their aspirations for a better future.
On your gap year, you’ll see first-hand the work that the FutureSense Foundation does and be a part of our long-term, sustainable programs.
GapGuru team member sight seeing walking on a wooden walkway with the Angkor Wat temple in the distance

Nepal volunteer programs

How do you want to make your impact?

On our programs, you’ll be immersed in our community development projects to help increase our impact in the area. That could be through health promotion workshops, teaching conversational English and life skills to school children, planting trees with the community, or building new classrooms.
However you want to leave your handprint, we’ve created the best programs to help you make the most of your time in Nepal.
Help bring awareness of vital health issues to improve the lives of the children and adults of the Dhulikhel community.
Work with local schools to deliver workshops on a range of topics, from conversational English to Environmental Awareness.
Work with children and adults to raise awareness of climate change and turn that awareness into action.
Become an activity leader to give the local children skills that they can take on into adulthood for a better chance of employment.

How it works

The GapGuru Way

At GapGuru we have the experience to keep things simple for you. With close to two decades shaping over 6,000 trips, we know exactly what makes an impactful, meaningful and memorable gap year. Simply choose your start date then follow these three simple steps:


Choose where you'll make your impact

Pick from five incredible destinations, electing the number of weeks you want to spend in each. You’ll be playing your part to help create a brighter future for some of the most disadvantaged communities around the world.


Decide how you'll make a difference

Select from four activity types that have been designed to be as impactful as possible. All of our programs are built off the back of the FutureSense Foundation, ensuring you’ll be a part of creating lasting change for our communities.


Choose your add-ons

Select additional programs to add to your gap year experience. These can be in the same country as your core activity or in any of our other unique destinations across the globe.

What to learn more about Nepal?

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